China’s Top Wire Form Spring Supplier 

Choosing a reliable supplier for your wire from spring applications can help you lower your costs. You have Ningbo Leke Import and Export Co., Ltd. for that. We are here to make your spring-related applications more flexible. You can find springs for them on our website. The performance as well as durability will be parallel. You will have more successful operations after you install them.  

OEM Production with International Supply 

Ningbo Leke Import and Export is a supplier that has custom wire forms for you. We are an OEM that goes the extra mile with customized production. You will find lots of sizes and designs of wire form springs here. We maintain custom production for local as well as international customers. Our supply goes across borders to fulfil global needs. 

Supplying Wire Form Springs at Reduced Prices  

You are here for low-priced supplies, and we have such offers available. We are a wire form spring manufacturer with discounted rates. Our supply will be a low-cost one, and you can’t skip that. We manufacture wire-form springs for bulk supply. This means you can avail of wholesale rates from us. This place is ready to serve all the customers with a cut price.  

Enhanced Performance via Heat Treatment and Metal Plating   

We perform heat treatment on each wire-form spring. Also, we do metal plating on each of them for the best performance. They can deal with various challenges regarding pressure, temperature, and shocks. These coatings give them extra strength for long-term performance. Whichever machine you install them in, they will be compatible with conditions. They can deal with all conditions in industrial and domestic sectors. 

High Retractability and Secure Positioning  

They show high retractability in all the applications you install them for. They can get back into their previous form as many times as they want. It exhibits its secure positioning wherever you install it. Their performance will always be high and consistent. No vibration or shocks will be able to shake them. They can secure their position for stable performance. 

Heavy-Duty Metals for High-Force Application  

You can always count on us when it comes to bulk wire-form springs. Ningbo Leke Import and Export is here to meet your requirements. We use metals of different types to manufacture them. This makes them deal with tough challenges with ease. Our quality inspection team ensures everything is well in the process.