Custom Battery Spring Manufacturer

If you are looking for high-quality and customized battery springs, then Ningboleke is the name you can trust. A specialist team ensures that all of our customers get the best quality battery springs. We make battery springs by processing the best quality materials in upgraded machines with the artistry of workers. A quality examination team inspects our battery springs at different production stages to ensure these high-tech products meet stringent quality standards. As a battery spring supplier, we sell our battery springs at the lowest price in the market. We use highly advanced manufacturing technologies to ensure that products here meet our customers' expectations.

Long-Lasting Battery Terminal Connectors for Durable Devices

We use corrosion-resistant materials to make our battery terminal connectors to ensure that they remain intact even after getting exposed to the battery's harsh conditions. Our battery springs efficiently and reliably conduct electrical current from the battery to the gadget it powers. These products do this by tolerating the battery's weight. Our battery terminal connectors keep functioning for a long time. Feel free to use our battery springs in the batteries of different devices like flashlights and remote controls to ensure that your customers operate them efficiently. These springs tightly hold the batteries in different devices.

A Variety of Battery Springs for Vibration-Resistant Applications

Our battery terminal connectors will protect your battery terminals by absorbing the battery's shock during its removal from a device or insertion. As a well-known battery spring manufacturer, we equip our battery springs with the ability to offer a vibration-resistant connection between the battery and the gadget. Thus, you should feel free to use them in batteries often exposed to vibration. We are a premium battery spring supplier that has met the demands of many businesses like yours.  Whatever your requirements are we can custom-design our battery springs for your specific applications.

Material Shapes

Here is a list of material shapes that we offer

✓ Round Wire

✓ Square Wire

✓ Rectangular Wire

✓ Special Section Wire


Depending on customers' requirements, we make dimensions


It is widely used in a variety of network products

✓ Communication products

✓ Computer Products

✓ Household Appliances

✓ Equipment for distribution and educational toys, etc.

Reliable Delivery of Battery Terminal Connectors with Our Ready-to-Ship Inventory

We are ready to provide you with technical support and answer your questions regarding products here through our customer services teams. Our production speed is the fastest in the industry. Hence, we can immediately meet your needs. Feel free to compare our prices, lead time, and minimum order quantities with our rivals. With this comparison, you will know that you can save a lot by buying our battery springs. We offer the best discounts in the market. We keep our products ready to meet our customers' demands quickly. Hence, you will receive our battery terminal connectors through a shipping contractor on time.