Wholesale Tension Spring Supplier from China

Ningbo Leke Import and Export Co., Ltd. introduces you to powerful and retractable springs. We bring tension springs that can take on various challenges. Their strength and thickness levels can deal with massive force. We encourage you all to try them for domestic as well as industrial applications. They are available in bulk where buyers can seize this opportunity.  

Maintaining Tension with Long Consistency 

We work on core features as an extension spring manufacturer. The springs we manufacture maintain high tension. Thus, they exhibit long consistency in many applications. Their retraction level is much higher than many other types. This makes them suitable for long-term performance in machines. Whether it is about automotive or any other machine, they are compatible with all. This consistent performance will keep the machines working well. You will always find the best performance from our springs.

No Chance of Breakage or Loosening

We are here to manufacture tension springs for durable performance. It makes us a reliable China tension Spring manufacturer in the world. There will be no chance of breakage against massive force. They can deal with challenging applications without loosening a bit. It shows their strength, which comes from the high-grade metals we use.

Showing Strength Against Corrosion and Heat 

Ningbo Leke Import and Export is aware of challenges like heat and corrosion. We manufacture tension springs that can deal with such threats. You will find each tension coil spring withstanding corrosion of various types. The heat will not be able to reduce their performance level at all. 

Contact us for a Discount on Bulk Orders 

If you want to purchase tension springs in bulk, we have discounts for you. Reach us for the most competitive rates in the industry. Our supply is very affordable, and everyone can purchase in bulk. We keep the prices according to the buying power of customers. They can reach us for affordable rates of wholesale tension springs. It would be best if you also gave us a try to avail of reasonable prices. 

Bulk Production with Customization and International Distribution 

Ningbo Leke Import and Export is good at the bulk production of tension springs. You can avail of OEM service if you want custom production. We offer different metals and sizes in the production process. We have a capacity for international supply, and you can have it. We are here to meet global requirements with our customized supply. We welcome everyone to approach us for wholesale supply worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What materials are your tension springs made from?

Our tension springs are made from high-quality steel, stainless steel, and other specialized alloys to ensure durability and performance.

2. Can you provide custom tension springs based on our specifications?

Yes, we offer custom tension springs customized to your specifications, including size, material, and load requirements.

3. What are the lead times for the production and delivery of tension springs?

Typical lead times are 2-4 weeks, depending on the order size and customization requirements.

4. Do you offer bulk pricing or volume discounts for large orders?

Yes, we offer competitive bulk pricing and volume discounts for large orders.

5. What quality control measures do you have in place for your tension springs?

We implement strict quality control processes, including material testing, dimensional checks, and load testing, to ensure every spring meets our high standards.

6. What industries or applications are your tension springs suitable for?

Our tension springs are suitable for a wide range of applications, including garage doors, screen doors and windows, furniture, automotive applications, appliances, medical devices, and electronic devices.