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Oct 18,2023

Where to Put a Paper Towel Holder in Your Kitchen?

When you are in a kitchen, there are lots of things to do. Cooking the food, washing utensils, and other tasks. To keep your hands and kitchen clean after every task, you need paper towels. Since you need paper towels, there should be a holder for them, too. Then comes a paper towel holder, which makes life easy for every person who spends lots of time in the kitchen. Now, where to put a paper towel holder in the kitchen that can utilize it in the best way. 

Install Under the Shelf

The shelf is the place where you can have a better reach, as well as the safety of paper towels from moisture. Anytime you can pick out some form of it by extending your arm to it. That creates convenience, and people love that. People who have to deal with kitchen chores know how useful paper towel holders are. As soon as something spills on the floor, you can wipe it away with a paper towel. That lightning speed in tearing out some paper towel comes when you have that in your reach. So, shelves are within your arms’ reach, and installing them under the shelves will be a good idea, and people do that.  

Place It on the Countertop 

Cutting vegetables and other food items can be messy sometimes. No matter how much you try to avoid that mess, some of the tiny food particles still scatter on the countertop. That means you need to clean it often in order to maintain hygiene. Otherwise, roaches are always ready to arrive in your kitchen. To avoid this problem of hygiene, you can place a paper towel holder on the kitchen countertop. In this way, you will always be ready to clean the mess after you cook the food. That will also help you in cleaning the grease around the stove.

Inside the Cabinet

If you think that paper towels will get moisture from the surroundings, there is a way to keep them safe. Store it inside the cabinet, where you can tear out paper towels easily. You will save some space by keeping it inside the cabinet. This option is for people who have small kitchens or can not manage to install or place them anywhere else. People who don’t want the kids to reach paper towels also place them inside the cabinet. Some kids waste paper towels, and adults don’t like it at all. Of course, you have to keep those paper towels away from them sometimes.  

Attach It to the Drawer’s Handle 

The closest to your reach is a drawer, and installing a paper towel holder on its handle will be a hack. People install them on the drawer’s handle because of the frequent use of paper towels. Cleaning the countertop, utensils, and baby’s mouth will be convenient. Within a few seconds, you can tear out some paper towels for that. That will be a swift and easy way, which is common in many kitchens. This keeps the paper towel always in your sight to promptly use them in case you get any injury in the kitchen. 

Within a few seconds, you can suppress the wound with some paper towel pieces. Besides, you will be able to dry your hands quickly with the help of a paper towel. It makes this spot very effective for installing paper towel holders. 

Mount It on the Wall

Maybe you need to mount the paper towel holder on the wall. That will make it available for you all the time, as well as you will not have to worry about kids reaching it. If your furniture is sensitive to moisture, you would not risk it by using your wet hands for paper towels. Some woods start getting mold, and then the swelling forms in them. 

This happens to every sensitive piece of furniture that is exposed to moisture often. Since the kitchen is a place where moisture is evident, you should install a paper towel holder on the wall. Besides, it will make your wall a little decorated if you use a splendid holder. That will be the best way to organize your wall.

All these ways of placing paper towel holders will be handy depending on your kitchen type and space. 

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